Are week passes still valid?
Yes, week passes are valid. 

Are basecamp bracelets still valid?
Yes, basecamp bracelets are valid. 

Are the bracelets personal?
Yes, the bracelets are personal and cannot be handed over or picked up by someone else.

I have EuroGlam tickets including food platter. Are we guaranteed seats and the food we paid for?
Yes, if you’ve purchased the previous EuroGlam tickets with seats and food, you’re guaranteed your seats and food, which is not the case with the newer, cheaper tickets. 

Will the live screening take place inside the Amiralen venue and will there be seating?
Yes, the live screenings will take place inside the Amiralen venue. There will be a mix of seats and standing places. Note that the events can be filled to capacity, no one is granted to be admitted to a specific area at Euro Fan Café. 

Can you visit Euro Fan Café with a parent if you’re under 18?
No, since EuroGlam has become Euro Fan Café (powered by EuroGlam), the age limit is 18+, and people under 18 will unfortunately not be able to enter together with a parent. 

Can I bring a bag to Euro Fan Café?
No, there is a bag ban in Eurovision Village: 

Can I bring a flag to Euro Fan Café?
It’s allowed to bring nations flags to Eurovision Village, however it’s not allowed to bring flags on sticks: