Share and eat dinner the Malmö Way – United by food

In Malmö, 186 nationalities live side by side. Celebrate and explore the international food of Malmö and a little touch of the famous Swedish tastes. The Share and eat serving is a full meal that gives you energy all night long.

The Share and eat dinner menu:

• Hummus with chili, yogurt, falafel, salad with onion and parsley,
• Herb gratinated bread
• Potato Frittata with semi-baked tomato, wildgarlic emulsion and crispy potatoes
• Salad with cheese, rosé lettuce, tomato and salt-roasted pumpkin seeds
• Swedish meatballs with potato purée, lingonberries, pickled cucumber and parsley

Allergies must be notified to no later than 48 hours before the show.

Extras to add:

Finger food platter the Malmö way – United by food

Food is a uniting power – Add a snack to your experience. The finger food platter is a lighter meal that gives you some extra energy for the festivities. Maybe you´d like to share it with your neighbor and make a new friend!

The finger food platter:

Salami, marinated olives, chicken pastrami and vegetables, pickled chili, falafel, hummus and herb gratinated bread
Price 235 SEK

Sweet and salty

Chocolate truffles with sea salt 35 SEK
Coffee/tea and Chocolate truffles with sea salt 75 SEK

Beverage Package

A bottle of wine (red/white/rose) 505 sek
A bottle of cava 605 sek

The prices are discounted if you order in advance.
All drinks can be bought at the venue, including beer and non-alcoholic drinks.